Stocking up for the Storm

We stumbled upon Black Hound tonight in the East Village, just as the snow was starting to lay. I had trouble deciding what to buy. A little cake, perhaps? That’s what my daughter got.

A little fruit tart? I brought one home for my other daughter.

Some savory pastries?

A cookie?

A mini-apple pie?

My husband got a rum ball. And I finally settled on a checker-ball,

because I knew that when I got it home and cut it in half, it would look like this:Category: Food

4 Responses to Stocking up for the Storm

  1. You know, now that I’m on a diet, I love checking in on your blog. All the tasty joy with none of the pesky calories! Thanks.

  2. When I travel, one of the best things I like to do is check out the good restaurants. I would have to say, ever since I started reading your blog, my restaurant list for New York is building. I look forward to more of your contributions.

  3. While SOME of us can get through the snow to these lovely little pastry shops in Manhattan, those of us trapped on a hill in the snow in Suburibia, PA had to make do with the ingredients in the house. So I made some LOVELY homemade corn muffins that were a BIG hit with the family (did I mention that they have just the slightest bit of honey)? But alas, they looked nothing like YOUR lovely pastry purchases…

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