The Katrina Blog Project

One of my favorite medical bloggers, Dr Hébert, is posting a day-by-day diary of his life during Katrina on his blog Dr Hébert’s Medical Gumbo. He’s dubbed his account The Katrina Blog Project.

“This is the story of what a disaster looks like through ordinary eyes. It is like Exodus written not from Moses’ viewpoint but in the words of the last Israelite pushing his cart across the muddy bottom of the Sea of Reeds.”

Dr Hébert lived in St Bernard’s Parish, which was in the path of the eye of Katrina and was completely devastated by the hurricane and the massive storm surge that followed.

The blog starts Friday, August 26, and is currently on day 5. It’s a riveting, personal account that I encourage you all to read.

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  1. Thanks for the reference. I have two posts to go, and this thing is wearing me out. 22,000 words.

    Sunday will be an editorial summarizing my thoughts. Monday is a poem, and that will close the project at least for now.

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