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This is part 3 of a special TBTAM post series entitled “I Get It On the Streets” . Links to the next post in the series are at the end of each post.
Coffee guy parks his truck across the street from the medical school entrance. I used to stop at his truck every morning for my coffee on the way to the office. It got so that I would get on line, and by the time I reached Coffee Guy’s window, my coffee would be ready, just the way I like it, light with one sugar. This was by no means a unique experience. Any of the other folks standing in line would tell you the same story. How Coffee Guy remembered how we each took our coffee was beyond me.

But here’s what amazes me more. About 5 years ago, my office moved about 7 blocks in the other direction down the Avenue, which here in Manhattan is like living in a different country. I started getting my coffee at the local deli close to my new office. About 8 months after my move, I was heading to the medical school for an early morning meeting, and stopped at coffee guy’s truck for a cuppa’. He took one look at me, smiled and said “Still light with one sugar?”

How does he do it???

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