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A few of you have asked me why I came back after my little blogging hiatus. I thought about just pointing to the I Love My Blog post, but that wouldn’t explain it, not really. You see…

I tried to live without blogging. Really I did. But it just wasn’t the same.

I missed my blogging friends. The docs, the cooks, and everyone else who reads me and whose blog I read. My little blogging community.

Even more so, I missed who I was when I was blogging. My younger daughter said I was more fun to have around when I had my blog. “Everything you do just seems more interesting.”

And she was right. Blogging adds a new dimension to my daily life. When I am blogging, I look at my world a little differently. I carry my camera everywhere, take photos constantly. I see things I normally would not notice. Everything I do, see, read or experience is a potential post. And that brings my life added dimension, interest and well…joy. My own boring life begins to look like something worth writing (and reading) about, even to me.

In my life, my blog is that added “something”. It ices the cake, fills in the spaces, greases the skids, rounds out the corners. Gives me something to do in the quiet moments, the occasional empty minutes. Of course, it also keeps me up till all hours of the night since those quiet moments seem to generally occur only after everyone else is asleep…

My blog is the only place I get to be completely myself. Most people who know me just know the part they see at work, where I tend to be very busy and serious, beause what I do all day is , well… serious. Here I get to be the whole me.

But most importantly, my blog is the one thing I have in my life that is just for me, just by me. My own voice, my own little view on the world. My Blog. My Mini-Me. It completes me.

And so, that’s why I’m (we’re) back.

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  1. I missed you muchly when you were gone. You complete a part of me, as well. As for leaving my blog behind, it would be a cold day in hell. I need it like I need water.

  2. TBTAM, you’ve said it so incredibly well here! Exactly! I feel the same way. I look at everything about my life differently now. My blog is the seasoning that makes everything spicier. Sooooo glad you’re back!

  3. Oh blog, you…complete…me. Hee! I missed your hiatus, but count me as a new reader who is profoundly glad that you are still blogging!

  4. Dr Whoo?
    Okay, I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but I sense you will appreciate this – There is a little hidden Easter Egg in this blog post – Click on the photo of Dr Evil to launch it…

    I love reading your blog, and am amazed how you have time to write given that you are still doing what appears to be very busy obstetrics. God bless you for all that you do ….

  5. TBTAM – I’m very glad you came back to blogging. Your posts were always wonderful to read, and gave me new hints into that city across the river.

  6. THAT is a very good summary of blogging. Actually I don’t think of myself as a blogger, but as a writer, a more general term that better fits my approach to life. Things are different when you are looking for topics to write about.

    I could, possibly, give up blogging. But not writing. Writing is thinking and thinking is living.

    And you are very good at living.

    Happy Halloween.

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