Joe’s Calamari Marinara

You think I’m a foodie? Nah. I’m chump change compared with my brother Joe, who is the genuine foodie of the family.

Joe has actually worked in real restaurant kitchens, has close friends who own restaurants, and knows wine because he used to sell it in Northern California. And while Joe may love to read cookbooks, he doesn’t need to cook from them like I do. He cooks like the real chefs do, with instinct, flare and a sense of what’s right and what goes with what. His wife Rachel is the same kind of cook, and together, they can make a mean meal. Dinner at their house is an event that goes on for hours, with one course after another woven together with the thread of fine wine…

Joe also loves to wax prolific about food and wine. Get him going, and the phrases”hit it with a little olive oil” and “crank up the heat” and “floral lilt” and begin to creep into his otherwise colloquial speech. By the time he’s done, you’ve either got to start cooking right away or run out to the nearest fine restaurant to satisfy your cravings.

Joe made a delicious Calamari Marinara appetizer on Friday night. I think I’ll let him tell you himself how to make it. He’s our own Jamie Oliver, and we love him. Enjoy!

Calamari Marinara ala’ Joe (Click on the arrow to view video. Requires Flash Player)

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