The Diet Wars – Atkins wins the first battle

Gardner, CD et al. The A TO Z Weight Loss Study: A Randomized Trial. JAMA. 2007;297:969-977.

Among overweight premenopausal women, weight loss was greater with the Atkins Diet than with the Zone, the Learn or the Ornish diets, according to a study published this week in JAMA. Reassuring was that none of the diets had any major adverse effects on lipids.

But the question we all have that was not answered by this study – How would Atkins fare against South Beach? If you asked me, I would predict a South Beach victory.

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  1. I don’t fit the criterion, being much older. But before I started a serious diet 3 years ago, I read about them all. I liked the low carb idea but did not like the high fat part of Atkins, being brainwashed all these years towards low fat. So I chose South Beach, and when people asked me about it I called it low fat Atkins. Lost 45 lbs over 8 months and still holding. The Zone is too complicated, Ornish to difficult to follow, South Beach after the first two weeks is perfect, assuming you’re insulin resistant.
    But it’s for life! Well mine anyway, I’m 71.

  2. There’s no question in my mind that South Beach would give better results. (Of course I might be biased, but aren’t we all?) I was asked to be part of a conference call of low-carb supporters discussing this study, but I didn’t call because I’m not an Atkins proponent. South Beach is such a healthy way to eat, and you can have an amazing variety of delicious foods.

    Nice to hear that jmb likes it too. Wonder if she ever reads my blog?

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