Abortion and Breast Cancer – Once Again, There is No Link

Once again, a well-done study, this time a prospective cohort study from the Nurse’s Health Study, has failed to reveal a link between abortion and breast cancer. The findings were published in the Archives of Internal Medicine this week.

This study joins the ranks of a myriad of other well-done studies showing the same thing. To top it off, a large workshop convened at the National Cancer Institute in 2003 found no causal link between abortion and breast cancer.

And yet, if you were to google “abortion and breast cancer” or “breast cancer and abortion”, almost every result in the first 10 pages of the search results are links to non-medical sites stating that there is a causal link between abortion and breast cancer. The only exception is the NCI’s fact sheet on the topic, and occasional news articles about the “controversy”, which give equal voice to the facts and those who would distort the data for political reasons.

This is where the web’s power breaks down as far as I’m concerned. Those who know how to can manipulate the web so that a search for real medical data becomes akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

Here are just two links to information on this topic from reputable medical organizations:

National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet on Breast Cancer Risks

American Cancer Society Information on Breast Cancer Risks

and a good article by CNN:

Harvard Study Latest to Discount Abortion -Breast Cancer Link

I challenge those of you who value scientific opinion and review over politics to blog about this topic and to provide your readers a link to one of the above information sites on your blog. Let’s give these sites the hits they deserve and get them their well-deserved place on a google search.

Women deserve nothing less.

7 Responses to Abortion and Breast Cancer – Once Again, There is No Link

  1. There is an incredible amount of junk on the net – I always keep paging through until I find something I think is reputable, but, sometimes it’s difficult and some sites very deceptive.
    I’ll do something in the near future – I agree it’s important. (but I’m off to the U.S. shortly…)

  2. with all the money in abortion how can any believe anyone pushing away its negatives. i refuse to believe either side. its easier for the two sides to call each other liars back and forth. until i see real doctors and a medical show or the news saying the truth all this reading and debating is trash. is everyone forgetting the life of the child.

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