Road Trip : Part 7 – The Road Home

Our trip back was to be a bit quicker than the one out, but we were determined to make this leg of our journey an enjoyable one. So we took a more roundabout way back up to Rt 81 via rte 26, a new highway that winds high up into the mountains. It’s the new road to Asheville, NC, where we had a pleasant 2 hour stop for lunch.

Asheville, NC

Asheville is a trendy little artist’s town nestled high in the mountains. It is fueled by an amazing community of artists and a real committment to providing them venues for their work. One could spend weeks seeing all the antiques, art and crafts in the Asheveille area. Some of the art space we visited was cooperative space, meaning that the artists see their own profit, rather than feeding the bankrolls of the gallery owners.

The town’s old Woolworth store has been converted into an artist superstore. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet the artist.But if not, just find your art, pick it up, and bring it to the check out counter.

Stop at the old soda fountain for lunch while you’re there.

The Asheveille area is loaded with antique stores and markets. Studio 5 Antiques on Patton St. specializes in old typewriters, and I almost bought this one home with me to use when I write my great American novel. There’s nothing like the clicking of a typewriters keys…

There’s a bit of the retro hippe feel to Asheville, and we encountered not a few street musicians who could have been plucked off the streets of Haight Ashbury in the 70’s.

Lunch was at the Bistro 1896, a moderately-priced upscale feeling restaurant with a modern side room. Ask to sit in the enclosed tiny room at the back for a special feel to your meal. I had the pork curry which was just right.

For dessert, we had amazing cupcakes from the Sisters McMullen Cupcake Corner on Patton. I don’t have a good photo of my cupcake, but it had the best white icing I have ever had. If anyone knows where I can get their icing recipe, do let me know….

All I can say is that our visit to Asheville was much too short. This is a great place to visit, and would make a great honeymoon destination. There is lots of hiking and nature as well as a little funky city with great restaurants and a good music and arts scene. I definitely want to come back and stay for a few days or even a week there, maybe this summer.

The Stonewall Jackson B&B

Harrisonburg is a largish town on Rte 81 in Northern Virginia. We had a reservation at the Marriot in town, but cancelled it thinking we would make it farther north. That left us looking for a room at 7 pm on a Saturday night inn a strange town. Fortunately, we passed a vacancy sign at the Stonewall Jackson B&B, and that’s where we spent the night. (Mr TBTAM negotiated us a good rate.)

What a sweet place! Our host Wayne and his son Roger were warm and attentive, and receommended a fine local Italian place for dinner. Our room was warm and comfortable, and had all the necessary emenities, including free wireless. Their motto is “A Night’s Delight and a Breakfast to Remember”, and it was. Thanks guys!

Home Again

Next morning we hit the road bright and early, and were back in Philly in time for Easter dinner with my family, then back to NYC. It was a great vacation, and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

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