Summer Squash, Pea and Red Onion Salad with Feta

Mr TBTAM made this wonderful salad from Melissa Clark’s Recipe in today’s new York Times. In addition to getting the recipe, I encourage you to read the article on how she created the recipe – it’s a lovely story about how buying and eating locally can lead to a wonderful new dish.

The salad is delicious, and calls for blanched peas, and raw zucchini. I liked it, but could also see this salad with the zucchini blanched as well. We liked the zucchini slices halved as you see them in my photo up there, rather than whole as Melissa did them.

For the salad, Mr TBTAM used fresh sweet sugar snap peas, which normally we would eat whole, pod and all, raw and by hand – summer’s candy as far as we’re concerned. Now we are left with all the empty pea pods. Any ideas on what to do with them?

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  1. This looks really good! Must try it! We just had our first yellow squash from the garden tonight. Can’t give the zucchini and yellow squash away fast enough and was thinking about what to make.

    I wish we had a freezer! i am going to grate 2 cup servings of zucchini to freeze individually for zucchini bread in winter.

    I have been wondering about squash soup. Do you have any recipes for that or you have any good stuffed zucchini boat recipes you like?

    I put fresh blueberries in out garden salad tonight and yum..I’m hooked. šŸ™‚

  2. I’ll bet Sandra Lee would find a use for those pea pods in one of her “tablescapes”!

    -OBS Housekeeper

  3. Seaspray – Don’t have any of those recipes, but I do have a lovely sauteed Italian zicchini dish with raisins and pine nuts – will make one of these days soon and post it. It’s not online anywhere.


    She’d probably bronze them….

  4. If I had empty snap pea pods I would stir fry them, very briefly either in olive oil with a little tarragon or in sesame oil with a dash of fish sauce. Serve as side, or (sesame version) on rice with a few shreds of egg pancake and a dollop of hot sauce for a light lunch. I think i’ll do that tonight! and save the peas inside to make your salad.

  5. Take your zucchini, slice it, blanch it, layer it in a dish, pour some spaghetti sauce over zucchini, mozzarella cheese over all of that. Bake till browned and bubbly. GREAT meal!

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