Ordering In with Seamless Web

You’re offering me $100 in restaurant coupons to blog about Seamless Web? The online restaurant delivery service that Andy turned us on to a few weeks ago? That lets me order in from pretty much any restaurant in my neighborhood by just logging and and placing my order? And the food arrives as predicted within 15-45 mins? And I don’t have to stand there with a menu by the phone getting the lady on the other end to hear me over the banging pans and shouting voices? And I discover restaurants I didn’t know existed? And it’s teamed up with Zagat so I know what I’m getting in to if I order in from a new place? And they offer 10-20% discount like the one we got from our favorite neighborhood Chinese place?

That Seamless Web?

Okay. I”ll do it.

10 Responses to Ordering In with Seamless Web

  1. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

    About your comment on the photos, you are definitely on my list of “must meet” people whenever I finally manage to come to New York!

  2. ARGH! Not available in my area either. And neither is Fresh Direct. They’ll deliver to freaking BED-STUY but not to my sweet little neighborhood? What the heck?

  3. This is why living in the ‘burbs is over rated…nothing close to this level of variety or service near me.

  4. Someday, I’m going to live in a place where one can get cooked food delivered… Or any food, for that metter…
    That’s my dream!

  5. Well, they definitely deliver to the Tourist In The City podcast skycscraper. They are in 8 cities (plus a few ‘burbs). I love it. I would marry it.

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