Diet Update, a New Resolve and a Cheerio

I’m down 33 pounds and holding. Just barely.

Folks are starting to notice, which is nice, and I really should buy new clothes. But I have no time right now to shop. Plus, I really don’t want to reward myself just yet. I’m not being good enough right now.

Dinners with friends, Thanksgiving and Christmas have given me excuses to slack off just enough to maintain, but not lose significantly more weight for over a month now. And the cold weather has stopped the long weekend bike rides that were giving me the exercise I needed.

Although I dropped below the snore threshold about 20 pounds ago, I cleary have not yet passed the point where reflux and hiatal hernia symptoms disappear. Smaller meal sizes on my food delivery program have helped my symptoms somewhat, but they remain bad enough that I finally went for an endoscopy and upper abdominal songram last week. Despite the fact that all was okay, I’m annoyed at myself. Because if I had just stayed a little more true to the diet and exercise plan, I might have dropped below the reflux point by now and saved myself and the US healthcare system an expensive medical procedure. Now I am determined to get a move on with this weight loss.

The encouraging news in this regard is that we’re heading off to London for a week (the girls can’t wait!), and if my tradition of always losing weight on vacation holds, I expect to a few pounds thinner when I return. Just in time to start off the New Year with another push downward on the scale.

Expect upcoming posts from across the Pond.

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  1. That’s fabulous, TBTAM! Congrats!

    Here’s wishing you a wonderful time in London! (Go to the globe for me and send a full report, please!!!!)

  2. Reading this post from the outside peeking in, it seems to me you’re being a bit hard on yourself.

    You’re doing great. Ease up on you.

  3. I have reflux and was wondering at what point you get to where it goes away? I end up in my recliner most nights.

  4. Have you ever been evaluated for obstructive sleep apnea? Common signs and symptoms include obesity (neck size greater than 15″ for women) and acid reflux.
    When apnea is treated, negative intrathoracic pressure is reversed, acid stays in the stomach and stress hormone levels decline, allowing for easier weight loss.

  5. Anonymous and ANonymous

    The sweet spot will be different for every person,. For me it was at -35 pounds. Reflux is pretty much resolved. So is hypertension.

  6. I was diagnosed with acid reflux and put on medication which had it's own negative side effects! Personally, I prefer a more natural solution to things so started doing some research. I found that ginger and cinnamon are both good for the digestion. I decided to look for a tea that contained both and found that Good Earth original blend tea (I use decaf) had both so I started drinking it. After a short while I stopped taking my medication and have been able to stay off it as long as I drink this tea with every meal. It is a delicious naturally sweet tea that requires no sugar or sweetner. It's great hot or cold and I drink it all year long. If for some reason I don't drink my tea, I can feel the acid brewing. It is a wonderful solution to acid reflux! You can find it in many supermarkets such as Safeway, Vons, Albertsons as well as Smart & Final and Costco. Try it, you'll like it!

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