Having a Party? Invite Mr Pimm’s!

Mr TBTAM and I been hosting my chorus’s annual Rooftop Bash for the past 3 years, using the summer sky as an excuse to gather my fellow Collegiate Singers for an evening of food, friendship and song. We’ve been blessed every year till now with good weather, so I guess that sooner or later, it was bound to rain.

On the day of the party, after it became clear that the thunderstorms would not be gone by evening, more than one person called to see if the party was still on (it was).And as evening approached, I found myself becoming increasingly nervous. Could we pull this off without the rooftop? Would everyone be disappointed? Would we all fit inside the apartment? Would the party last more than an hour without the siren call of the evening sky over Manhattan? Would anyone have fun?

I should have known better. It was a wonderful party, possibly the best ever. After all, what makes a great party is the people – and these folks are the best!

Especially our newest guest – Mr Pimm’s. Most of us had never met him before, and let’s just say he fit right in. Andrew brought him along in a bag, along with lemonade, an apple and a cucumber. I supplied the mint and some ice and Mr Pimm’s made friends in no time. From now on, he’s No. 1 on my guest list!

Pimm’s and Lemonade

It’s called a Pimm’s Cup, and it’s what the Brits drink to get them through Wimbleton, or on a warm afternoon watching cricket or punting on the Thames. Think of it as a British version of sangria – a perfect cocktail for a summer party, and mild enough that one can sip all afternoon without losing one’s dignity. There are about as many ways to make a Pimm’s cup as there are British dialects (see below for just a few). This is the version Andrew taught me to make, and now it’s mine.

1/2 bottle Pimm’s
1 quart lemonade
1 apple, cut into small slices or wedges
1 medium cucumber, cut into 1/4 inch slices
fresh mint leaves

Fill a 2 quart pitcher half way with ice, then add the apple and cucumber. Pour in Pimms and lemonade, give a stir and serve. If you refrigerate it a bit before serving, the fruit has a chance to flavor the drink (and vice versa).
Mr Pimms is a very popular!

  • The Guardian holds forth on the history of the Pimm’s Cup
  • Slashfood makes their Pimm’s Cup with ginger ale, lemonade, orange and strawberry
  • Don’t have Pimm’s? Michelle Leon makes her own using vermouth, sherry and Triple Sec
  • Science of Drink makes an American version using Sprite or 7-up
  • Domestic Daddy does his version of the Zin cup, created in NYC
  • Mr Pimms is well loved by NYC restaurant bartenders.
  • Looks as though Mr Pimm’s was at Ed Bruske‘s party just a few days before mine. He certainly gets around!
  • The Unexperts show you how it’s done – great photos!
  • The Kitchn.com makes a Pimm’s cup for one – perfect way to end a day of gardening.
  • Coconut and Lime makes Pimm’s Cup Jelly and serves it with a spoon
  • Well-fed takes the Pimm’s cup down to it’s basic ingredients by making it using homemade ginger beer and lemonade – impressive!
  • The Saucy Sisters do a Cajun Pimm’s – with tabasco of course!

6 Responses to Having a Party? Invite Mr Pimm’s!

  1. I was introduced to Pimm’s this June in London (you can see my food reviews of the trip on my site). It is such a refreshing drink and I loved seeing the different variations. I would suggest putting something sparkling in it – lemon lime soda gives it a kick.

  2. Super!! and quite funny: we, too, recently discovered Pimm’s as a great alternative to sangria–I always make several kinds for our get-togethers. incredibly refreshing. 🙂

  3. Julie – At Wimbleton, I presume? (I saw the tennis photos on your site..) How very British of you!
    Love your blog, BTW – have added you to my blogroll.

    Dr B –
    Ditto your site, my dear. Thanks for your Pimm’s recipe. Loved the post entitled “Boring”. Have tweeted it, in fact. WIll follow.

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