Doc Gurley in Haiti

She’s tweeting her medical mission in Haiti.  So tragic are the unmet medical needs of these people.

docgurley Doc Gurley

Saw an alone 9-month-pregnant 19 yr old. No birth kit, no string for the cord, no plan for who would be with her.

Gave supplies+discussed how to ask helper to wash hands. Nothing sharp&clean for cord so gave scalpel. Acted out birth, w/handwashing #hai

Also saw woman with overwhelming postpartum uterus infection. Someone used hands at delivery to pull out pieces of placenta (see next tweet)

Saw 14yrold girl w/months of excruciating pain, mass in her lower belly, wasting. Ruptured appy? Tumor? Left her w/ narcotics, antibiotics.

Also, women do not have menstrual protection supplies

I’ve been asked, if there are no pads, what do women use? In the cases I saw, one used a page of a magazine & another a dinner-napkin.#haiti

God bless you, Doc Gurley, and the members of your team for all you are doing. What can we do to help?

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