The “B” Word

A friend of mine was teaching her 4 year old daughter the nuances of feminine hygiene the other day. Here’s how it went down –

Mom – Okay, honey, you have to be very careful when you wipe. Go from the front to the back.

Daughter –  Why?

Mom – So you don’t get anything into your….well, your private area.

Daughter – I know what you really wanted to say Mommy…

Mom – You do?

Daughter – You wanted to say the “B” word.

Mom – (OMG, does she mean Booty? Who the hell has she been hanging out with at that damned preschool?…) Honey – the “B” word?

Daughter – (whispering…) “Bagina.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

6 Responses to The “B” Word

  1. Hilarious. A daughter of a friend was taken to the pediatrician for breast area tenderness at age 11. When her father asked her what the doctor diagnosed she said “He said I’m starting poverty”

  2. And then there was my 11 year old daughter, filling out a health history at a doctor’s office: “Mommy, what’s a ‘veneral disease’?” When I tried to correct her and explain, she showed me the form. It said “veneral disease”. No one had noticed the error before!

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