Abortion does not cause mental illness

Yet another study showing that abortion does NOT lead to future psychiatric problems.

In Denmark, where termination of pregnancy is legal and freely available until the 12th gestational week, we found no significant increase in the incidence rate of psychiatric contact in the 12 months after an induced first-trimester abortion as compared with the 9-month period before the abortion. The incidence rate of psychiatric contact was higher among girls and women who underwent an abortion than among those who underwent delivery, but this relationship was evident before the abortion or childbirth occurred. On the basis of these results, it seems likely that girls and women having induced abortions constitute a population with higher psychiatric morbidity. We interpret this as a selection phenomenon rather than a causal association, since the observed difference in psychiatric morbidity between girls and women having abortions and girls and women delivering antedated the abortion or delivery.

Can we please talk about something else? Like maybe how to help these young women with the issues and unmet contraceptive needs that led to unplanned pregnancy in the first place?

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  1. Polls/studies/canvasses can always say what you want it/them to say ; also , heterosexual catholic couples cannot use contraception ; gays can . ( All of this said with utmost respect ) .

  2. Were these woman who’s intention it was to have an abortion? Did any of these women have to make a choice between whether they lived or the baby lived? I know that abortion is a medical term but when I miscarried and they called it spontaneous abortion, that made me feel guilty for something I had no control over and it did affect me to the point of when I heard a baby crying, I would break down and start crying. Could it be these women don’t have a conscience when it comes to killing? All these studies and I’m not even sure if it’s worth it to do them.

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