How to Save Money on Birth Control

If you live in New Hampshire, or some other state that is withdrawing Planned Parenthood funding, you may need to find an alternate source of affordable birth control, at least until the states get their heads screwed back on straight. In the meantime, please, don’t stop your birth control because you think you can’t afford it – the costs of not using it are much, much higher.

But what can you do to make the choice to use birth control even more cost effective?

Birth Control Pills

  • Buy them cheap locally Walmart, Target and Kroger sell very low priced birth control pills – only $4 to $9 a pack. It’s only a few brands (Trinessa, Sprintec and Trisprintec), but ask your doctor if it makes sense to switch if cost is a barrier for you.
  • Stick to generic and Tier-1 brands.  If your insurance covers birth control pills, try if possible to stick with tier 1 brands or generics – your co-pay will be much less.
  • Get a 90-day supplyAsk your doc to write for a 90 day instead of a one month supply, and use mail order instead of your local pharmacy – in most cases, you’ll get three months’ worth of pills for one co-pay.  If your insurer uses CVS-Caremark as their online pharmacy, your local CVS may dispense a 90 day supply for a single co-pay.


  • The manufacturer has a coupon worth $15 off on up to 6 prescriptions



  • Condom prices are quite reasonable at Target, Costco and Walmart  – as low as $8-10 for a 36 pack of some brands. While you’re at it, ask your partner to pay for them.
  • Trojan has coupons

Emergency Contraception

  • Don’t forget that the morning after pill is there if the condoms breaks or slips off. Plan B is offering a $10 off coupon on their website.

Depo Provera

  • Pfizer has several programs which could allow low income women who qualify to get free Depo Provera.


Today Sponge

  • Not as cheap as condoms, but less expensive if you join the Spongeworthy Club and buy in bulk.

Use Pre-Tax Dollars to Pay for Birth Control

  • Put enough money to cover your annual birth control costs into a health savings account with your employer and save on taxes while preventing unplanned pregnancy.

Got a tip for getting birth control cheap? Tell us in the comments section below.



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  1. Consider getting your care at a Federally Qualified Community Health Center. Most CHCs have free or reduced birth control options. For qualifying patients, we provide 3 months of OCPs for $10 at my CHC.

    Try the NACHC website to see if there is a CHC near you.

  2. I’m a little disapointed you didn’t mention natural family planning or fertility awareness method. When practiced correctly it is just as effective or more effective then the above and takes no more time then popping a pill.

    Otherwise, I think this is a nice article.

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