Contraceptive Coverage – Solved.

There are those who argue that mandating that insurers cover contraception is violating their conscience rights by forcing them to pay for others to use immoral methods of birth control.

That’s okay. I get it.

So here’s what I propose.  

Each insurer will have two pools of insureds – those who are willing to have their premiums pay for birth control and those who are not.  Each pool would also be responsible for covering the costs of pregnancies, abortions and children born into the pool, and the premiums paid by the pool members would reflect these costs.

One guess as to which pool will have the higher premiums.

Okay, that’s solved. Next?…

13 Responses to Contraceptive Coverage – Solved.

  1. OK, as if you were on Hardball with Chris Matthews…

    You solved contraceptive Coverage, now solve healthcare coverage for illegl immigrants. Go!

    • Sure, with my eyes closed. Let’s see (oh wait – I can’t see. My eyes are closed…). Okay eyes open, I’ll tie my hands behind my back. Oh wait, That won’t work I can’t type. Okay, I’m standing on one foot, here goes ….

      Whatever Bill Clinton did, that’s what we should do.

      • listen up! congress already spent this money, now it is owed. raise the debt ceiling before they start calling us all deadbeats, OK?

        i am going to be way beyond disappointed if these people don’t start acting like grownups.

  2. As long as you’re saying policies paying for birth control should also cover costs associated with abortion, I’m with you. That’s not how my policy works currently; abortion is considered to be pregnancy (not covered), so I was charged thousands when my IUD failed. Abortion would have been inexpensive out-of-pocket; most of the costs were CYA tests ordered by my disbelieving physician.

    Obviously, like most people who use BC, I didn’t want to be pregnant. Also, as you well know, all BC fails, even when used correctly.

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