Biking the Harlem Valley Rail Trail

Where the Metro North Railroad line ends in Wassaic, New York

is where the Harlem Valley Rail Trail begins.

From there, its 10.7 miles of paved riding past farms


and wetlands,

through forests,

and along stretches of Rte 20 and then narrow country lanes

to Millerton, NY.

There you can stop for a tea tasting or a bite at the Harvey & Sons Tea Factory Shop,

visit Gilmor Glass Works,

or shop for books, antiques or bicycle gear,

before heading back the way you came, to the train station at Wassaic and then home.

Of course, if you wanted to bring along a picnic lunch, you could have picked up provisions at Cousins Market just down the road from the train station in Wassaic,

where they make great sandwiches using homemade roasted peppers.

Which is what we did.


The entire Harlem Valley Rail Trail, when it is finished, will run 46 miles from Wassiac to Chatham, NY. Much of the trail north of Millerton is still under development, though the stretch from Under Mountain Road to Copake Falls Station is complete. One can put together a longer ride than ours (We did a total of about 22 miles round trip) if you are willing to head off the trail onto nearby (hilly) roads.  

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  1. Hi! I actually first discovered your blog doing a google search of biking the NYC greenway and followed you ever since. I’m so happy you did another biking post. I would LOVE to bike this path. Once I get off the train station, can I immediately bike safely on the trails or is there still some driving or biking before getting on the trails? Hope this weekend is not a rainout. If not, you’ll know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

    • Moppie (great name, BTW…)

      Hop off the train and hop on your bike! The trail is right there next to the train station. The only streets are in Millerton, and there you will park your bike and walk around – it is a small town.

      Let me know if you do it. Make sure you allow more time than we did in Millerton. There really is quite a bit to do there. The Tea room has actual tastings like wine tastings. We did not get to the antique stores or bookshops this visit – next time we will!

      Thanks so much for following and reading!


  2. I’ve been looking for new places to walk, and found the Rails to Trails website. The past weekend I walked from Baltimore to Annapolis. Next weekend, maybe I’ll try the route to PA. I probably should bring a camera – you’ve done such a beautiful job here, you’ve inspired me!

  3. If you wanted to get something to eat before you reached Millerton, there is a Four Brother’s Pizza Restaurant located in Amenia which is on the Bike trail. The dinner size Greek salad is enough to feed 4 people. The Ashewillticook bike trail in Berkshire County is another beautiful ride. Park your car at the Berkshire Mall and ride to Adams, Ma. You can eat and drink at CJ’s Pub on the bike trail in an old train station. The secret to life is to “Keep Moving”.

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