TBTAM’s NYC Restaurant Recommendations

Home cooking is what I do best. And yet, the most frequent e-mail request I get from readers, friends and family is – “Where should we eat when we come to New York?” Finally, after years of repeatedly wracking my brain for recommendations, I decided to create a restaurant recommendations page here on the blog. (You can access it as a drop down on the NYC Tab above)

The list is nowhere near complete, but it’s what I can up with off the top of my head this week, and I plan to update it over time. Restaurants are sorted by neighborhood, and I came up with my own little key up there so folks can get a sense of what kind of place I’m recommending.

Some restaurants I’ve reviewed here on the blog; most I have not (even though I have dozens of pics  and the best of intentions). But let me be clear – I am not a restaurant connoisseur. I’m just an ordinary New Yorker who knows what she likes. Your tastes could differ, so you might seek better advice from one of the sources in the sidebar. If you have a fave you’d like to recommend, tell us in the comments.

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  1. Great idea. I am coming to NY for IACP next spring and I hope I can have lunch or dinner with you at one of these spots! (You are one of the bloggers I’d most like to meet; not sure if you realize that.)

  2. Kalyn –

    Would love to see you! Yes let’s go out to eat!

    IACP? (Int assn of chiefs of police? or maybe Int assn of culinary professionals? )

    I’m honored to be among the bloggers you’d like to meet. The feeling is quite mutual.


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