Sometimes My Patients Bring Me Food

Thanks DV for the wonderful Ardith Mae Goat Feta you brought me today at the Union Square Green Market after you found my blog and realized that I was a fellow foodie.  I had it for lunch and it was the best feta I’ve tasted to date. Not salty like so many I’ve eaten before. Just wonderfully fresh, rich and flavorful. I’ll be using the rest this weekend in a salad for sure. While I can’t get to Union Square on Fridays to get more, I discovered they also sell at the Columbus Ave Green Market on Sundays!

And the homemade Erba Toscana you learned to make in Italy?  The smell was driving me bonkers, so I actually sprinkled a little on the feta – OMG, delish. Can’t wait to use it on fish or chicken. Now I know what I should be doing with the herbs in my garden, instead of letting them die back over the winter.  (And what a great idea for holiday gift giving!) You are an inspiration.

Finding out your patients love food as much as you do. Just a little unexpected bonus of  the blog. (I do love it so.)


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  1. Thanks for including links to Judy’s website. So happy you enjoyed, and hope Mr. TBTAM also likes. My Mr. also cooks, more than I.

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