TBTAM 2011 – The Year in Health Blogging (Plus Two Songs)

Asking a blogger to pick her top posts of the year is like asking a mom which of her children she loves best. Because I love them all. Finding out which posts you love most is not possible – my stat counter only reports details on the last few days. So I picked the posts I think reflect what this blog is about (other than the recipes, of course…) and of which I am particularly proud.

Looking back on 2011, I’m frustrated to realize that so much of my energy was spent countering Big Pharma marketing, inaccuracies in health reporting and those who would limit reproductive rights for women. I like to think I’m having an impact, limited though it may be, among my small but treasured cadre of readers. A sincere thanks to each and every one of you for your visits, comments, tweets, likes and most importantly, your friendship and encouragement.

I don’t know what the future holds for the individual medical blogger, as the short-form communique grows in dominance and the online medical community becomes larger and more diffuse. As more and more docs enter social media, I hope we continue to be individual voices and not just an echo chamber for the mainstream media and medical marketing machines.

  • How To’s – A Twofer.
  • Mammograms – The controversy led to 4 posts this year (and an exciting research project that I’ll be telling you about soon)
  • Emergency Contraception – Important enough for two posts as the battle for OTC availability for teens wages on.
  • Big Pharma – My favorite whipping boy.
  • Birth Control and Blood Clots – The Patch & Yaz dominated the contraceptive conversation this year.
    • FDA Patch Ruling – The FDA allowed the Patch to stay, but with modified labeling. I put in my two sense and describe the population of women for whom the Patch remains an important contraceptive option.
    • Birth Control & Blood Clots : Visualizing the Risks – Driven by me need to put the risks into perspective for my patients, I pull out my time-honored dot charts and some common sense.
  • Another Death from Cancer – My post about my sister’s death from cancer, while intensely personal, is one that untold millions of us who have had a loved one die of this devastating disease could have written.

And for your musical pleasure –

  • The Healthcare Social Media Anthem – with apologies to the Grateful Dead. Sing along now –  “Set out marketing myself online, A friend on Facebook is a friend of mine…”
  • The Meaningful Use Song – With apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan, the only songwriters with music appropriate to handle the ridiculous complexity of the EMR. 880 views on You Tube!

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