How Many Miles is the Central Park Loop?

I finally mapped it so I could accurately track my exercise for My Fitness Pal, supporting my latest effort at getting into shape. (More on that in a later post)

  • The big loop is just about 6.1 miles.  
  • The shorter loop (the souther 2/3 of the loop, cutting across around 104th St to avoid the 84-foot climb at the top of the park) is 5.2 miles.
  • The shortest loop (The southern most loop, cutting across the 72nd street transverse, mostly done by tourists on rentals) is 1.7 miles. 

I usually do the big loop, adding in the milage to and from the park for an 8.7 mile ride that takes me a little under an hour. (That’s 585 calories if you’re interested.)

Of course, my time depends on how many times I stop to take pics – because there’s always something I want to capture. Here’s today’s pic –


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  1. I always love your biking posts!! I’m also a NYer with a passion for biking around bike paths. I do the big loop and doing their downhills are always a thrill! Sometimes I’ll even stop by the swings at one of the parkgrounds and swing a bit. Makes me feel like a kid again. And the best part is it burns calories while you’re having fun 🙂

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