When Men Experience Labor

Very interesting seeing how these two men respond to simulated pain that reproduces labor for two hours.  One lasted the two hours, the other didn’t.

 I’m very sorry, but I quit.

It’s undeniably great TV viewing, and a reality check for men who may not understand what women go through giving birth.

But there is real physical danger here, especially with the use of muscle stimulators and then inhaled anesthesia for induced pain. This sort of stunt not only pushes the boundaries of reality TV, but I would question if it is ethical for health professionals to participate in it.

Is it time for TV programs to have IRB’s?  I’m beginning to think so.


Thanks to Kate for sharing the video. 

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  1. this looks like a lot more fun that i recall. and shorter — i was in labor longer the time i had a c-section; much longer the other time, but no meds. laughing gas?? well, that might have helped, but it wasn’t part of the protocol(s).

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