Birth Control – It Works.


A nice infographic from the Alan Guttmacher Institute.

These simple statistics demonstrate how effective contraceptive use can be. They also categorically refute claims by anti-contraception activists that access to contraception somehow leads to more unintended pregnancies and subsequent abortions.

Birth control works.

So use it.

“Birth control” means any effective method, including condoms, diaphragm, sponge, pills, patches,  implants, rings, shots, and IUDs.  The most effective methods on a population basis are the long acting methods – IUD’s and implants. Which does not mean you should stop your pills if you are an effective pill user, but means that in some women, longer acting methods make for better compliance.

Effective does not include withdrawal, and in most women, timing. Yes, I know – a few of you use timing well.  If so, go for it.  But before you do, remember the old joke – What do they call couples who use rhythm for birth control?


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