Teen Gyno

This was totally me at age 13 – except it wasn’t summer camp, it was the the local swim club, where I stood outside the bathroom stalls coaching my classmates through inserting their first tampon.

I had taught myself by reading the pamphlet that came with the box of tampons I bought,  after a 3 mile hike with what felt like a hoagie roll between my legs convinced me there had to be a better way.

Hey, someone’s gotta’ go first.


(The video is part of a marketing campaign for HelloFlo, a company that lets you send monthly care packages timed to the menses. Very cute idea. I like how it’s taking menstruation out of the closet so to speak…)

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  1. This is weirdly awesome. I don’t love the way that it assumes that cycles are regular and predictable, especially in young girls, but still awesome.

  2. I’d be evangelizing for a menstrual cup. Wish I’d tried one before I’d nearly reached menopause (but it works pretty well with the irregularities at this end of the experience, too). Of course, one of its advantages — one lasts for some time — wouldn’t fit very well with their business model (well, they could always send the candy and pantyliners. Those still come in handy as backup.)

  3. Amazing that I was just telling a friend today about how I learned to use a tampon at a Catholic women’s college. Same way. The “instructor” stood outside of the bathroom cubicles and coached us.

    That’s a vital act of mercy!!

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