The Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Loyal readers know that this morning, when I awoke to a major snowstorm, my first thought was “Book of Mormon tickets!”

The Book of Mormon has been selling out months in advance since before it opened, but a major snow storm? That means cancellations and empty seats and maybe, just maybe, a shot at a ticket in my lifetime.

So Mr TBTAM, who teaches at a private school and had a snow day, headed on over to the box office this afternoon to see if he could score us two seats.

And as it turns out, there were cancellations. At $170 and $250 a seat. But you don’t know my husband. Full price for a theater ticket? What, are you nuts?…

But wait!  There were SRO tickets for $25 apiece!  (Who knew?…)  But you don’t know me. Stand for a whole play? What, are you nuts?…

That left the daily lottery. Which was what we were banking on.

I mean it was a literal blizzard out there. How many people stand outside the box office in the snow two hours before showtime hoping to get their name pulled out of a hat for a couple of lousy $32 single seats?

About 350 people, if you really want to know.


And that’s about 50 more than the average on a Thursday night. Guess I’m not the only one who woke up today with a bright idea.

The good news was that because of the storm, there were a few more seats than usual available for the lottery. Thirty seats in total, to be exact.

But the best news?


I mean, what are the odds?…

So at 5:30 I ran out of the office, then home to feed and walk the dog, then over to take the R train to 49th and 7th, arriving to meet Mr TBTAM at the theater with 30 minutes to spare. That meant time for a bathroom stop before the play, while the ladies’ rooms was empty. (I mean, what are the odds of that?…)

And as for the Book of Mormon musical itself, all I can say is SEE IT. It is absolutely brilliant.

There are moments when I pinch myself, wondering if I really am living the New York City dream.

But tonight? I know I am.

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  1. Peggy, Congratulations on winning the lottery, so exciting!!! I have been wanting to see it for over a year but the affordable seats were sold out. Happy for you that you got to see and enjoy it!!

  2. You’re a doctor? The Mister teaches in a private school? And you couldn’t spring for
    two ticket for a play you really wanted to see?

    That’s sad!

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