NED – Gyn Oncologists Rock On to Raise Awareness & Funding for Gyn Cancers

No Evidence of Disease (NED) is the phrase oncologists use to describe a patient in remission from cancer. It’s also the name of a rock band whose members are all gyn oncologists – surgeons who care for women with gynecologic cancers. And the name of the documentary about how that band is joining with women to raise awareness and increase funding for research into gynecologic cancer.

The film is a melding of the stories of these dedicated doctors and their patients, and the stories are both heartwarming and sobering. The filmmakers did a wonderful job of representing women from all aspects of our society and all parts of America, from New York City to Alaska. We also see the backbreaking hours their doctors spend taking care of them, and come to understand their dedication to helping women facedown, live their lives and in some cases, face death from gynecologic cancer. I found myself falling in love with every one of these docs and every one of their patients.

NED premiered this week and will continue to be broadcast nationally on American Public Television. Keep your eye out for it, and for local screenings. You can also stream it On Demand.

In the meantimes, do watch this video – What Every Woman Should Know – about the early signs and symptoms of gynecologic cancers. And share it.

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