The Best Easy Dinner You’ll Ever Make

Okay. Maybe I’m being hyperbolic about this meal because I’m back on my food delivery diet (I still have a few more pounds to go..) and so all I could do was have a small taste after watching Mr TBTAM cook it. But I really don’t think I’m overstating it.

Skillet Chicken With White Beans and Caramelized Lemon. One of the easiest amazing dinners you can make.

What makes it special is what Alison Roman at the New York Times calls “the liquid gold in your skillet“, that secret ingredient Jewish grandmothers have been sneaking into their children’s vegetables for centuries – chicken fat.

I admit to keeping a jar of the stuff in my freezer, but this is the first recipe I’ve seen that uses every drop of chicken fat right in the skillet in which it was formed.

Its a one pan dinner, less than 30 minutes from start to finish. Add a side of rice or potatoes if you want, or some crusty bread, but you really don’t need it.

You’re probably thinking you could pour a little of the chicken fat off to keep the calorie count a bit lower. Well don’t. Its perfect just as it is.

The Recipe is here. You’re welcome.

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