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The Best Burger in New York

My all-time favorite burger, hands down, is the one served at a hole-in-the-wall place on Roosevelt Island called The Terrace Restaurant. Maybe it’s the fries, which are also fabulous, or the fact that the bun is always perfectly toasted. I’ll put it up against Jackson Hole anytime.

I’ve had the burger at least a dozen times over the years, and only once was it sub par. That was when a new waiter, whose English was poor, got my order wrong and the burger was well done (the kiss of death to any burger.) Don’t worry – he’s got it now. Medium-rare. The only way to go. Make sure you order the burger deluxe platter.

We ate at The Terrace Sunday night before seeing “Short Shorts”, a reading of one act plays written by the teen playwrighting class at the Main Street Theater and Dance Alliance across the street. Truly amazing what these kids have written.